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During the past three months, our campaign has travelled around the couny and held seventeen Communities First Forums. Citizens met with me to discuss their Small Area Plan that was created by their neighbors during the county’s last planning cycle.

These plans were created at a time when county government welcomed community input on land use decisions. They address development, schools, traffic, recreation, and the environment.

The Schuh administration, at the urging of its Planning and Zoning Transition Committee, discontinued small area planning and never provided status reports to our communities. That transition committee was made up of two community representatives and nineteen developers and their agents.

When I take office in December the county will be in the process of creating its first draft of our General Development Plan. The impact of that document on the future of our county should not be underestimated. These forums will prepare me to hit the ground running on a community-driven process that puts people in the drivers’ seat.

By Authority of Friends of Steuart Pittman, VIrginia Clagett Treasurer
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